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Raising a puppy is challenging, hard work and very time consuming. At Fetch Dog Resort, we do all the training, fix the challenges and let you love the results. You get to enjoy the fun parts of having a puppy, like puppy kisses.

Fetch Dog Resort is the Puppy Training Specialist in Zionsville and West Carmel since 2006.

“Through daily practice and positive reinforcement, we get results quickly. “

Puppies Love Training

Puppies learn all the basics such as Sit, Down, Stay and Polite Leash Walking. We also fix common puppy problems such as nipping, jumping, going potty in the house and chewing on your stuff.

After their personal training sessions, your puppy will spend time playing in our doggy daycare with other puppies and small dogs. Not only does this help with their social skills but it also teaches them bite inhibition and wears them out to help them sleep through the night.

Ultimate Puppy

This program is perfect for new puppies. Our socialization, prevention and training curriculum will help your puppy grow up into a confident, well-adjusted, social adult dog. Puppies should be under 6 months old to start the program.

Class length: Daily Mon-Fri for 4 weeks

Week 1

Socialization: puppy playtime
Preventing unwanted behaviors:
soft mouth (no nipping) & resource guarding, separation anxiety
Introduction to basic obedience:
Name Game, the Clicker, Sit

Week 2

Socialization: puppy playtime
Preventing unwanted behaviors: child proofing your puppy
Introduction to basic obedience: Sit, Down, Hand targeting, Recall

Week 3

Socialization: puppy playtime
Preventing unwanted behaviors: handling exercises, nail trim
Introduction to basic obedience: Recall, Leash Walking, Stay

Week 4

Socialization: puppy playtime
Preventing unwanted behaviors: jumping on people
Introduction to basic obedience: Go to your place, Drop, Leave it

Basic Obedience & Socialization

Let's GetStarted


$400 per week for 4 weeks



Drop off:

Each morning between 7-9am

Pick Up:


Home Work:

On Friday, you will receive your step by step homework for the weekend during your brief personal lesson.


Puppies need two rounds of vaccines prior to beginning school. Proof of vaccines is required.

Contact us to enquire about availability:

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